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Experience the Essence of Luxury Living with Hiranandani Empress Hill

250 Acres

Residential Development

1,2 & 3 BHK


Luxurious Lifestyle

Modern Living

Grand Clubhouse

Modern Amenities

₹ 1.46 Cr.




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Explore the ultimate luxury living facilities with the innovative architecture and floor plans by Hiranandani Groups. With a plethora of high-end amenities, it is magnificent and commanding and represents premium living. Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai brings up thoughts of exclusivity and royalty while providing people with an unmatched quality of life. The hilltop setting not only offers breathtaking expansive views but also cultivates peace, evoking a getaway-like atmosphere in the middle of the busy metropolis.

The Hiranandani Group's concept is exemplified by Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai, an outstanding example of planning for cities and architectural design. Just like this architectural elegance, other projects like Hiranandani Garden City have a thriving community that redefines modern living. The project is tucked away within this beautiful sanctuary. This is the perfect reference for the residents to receive such luxury again with Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai. This carefully designed township creates a harmonic blend of luxury and convenience by skillfully fusing residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. The embrace of Hiranandani Powai reveals a sanctuary beyond the ordinary, a place where the phrase Hiranandani Garden City becomes synonymous with an exceptional quality of life and the terms Hiranandani Empress Hill resound with prestige. This neighbourhood is more than simply a place to live; it's a monument to the art of living, where each second is a celebration of elegance, cosiness, and refinement.
Hiranandani Group has been operating for about 40 years in the real estate business and achieved success in gaining customers’ support and appraisal for designing innovative architecture and luxurious homes in India. The company offers technical advancement for projecting real estate buildings and making floor blueprints and structures. Now, it is evoking you to be a part of this elegant and picturesque design of 1,2,3 & 4 BHK luxury homes to create a superior value for the residents of Hiranandani Empress Hill in Powai, Mumbai. The brand has also achieved awards in 2023 for its innovative approach to designing smart homes for the residents and attracting them by creating a living craze in them. All these comprehensive approaches of the builder denote a high-end architectural blueprint and a trendy outlook of the building for the residents of Hiranandani Powai.

Choose the Effective Price List of Hiranandani Empress Hill

Experience opulent life in Hiranandani Empress Hill, where beauty looks through our special Price List, which features a selection of homes that redefine elegance. Ensure your spot in this urban sanctuary where elegance and affordability coexist together. The transparent price range starts from 2.41 crore for 2BHK and reaches up to 3.45 crore for 3BHK luxury homes as per your concern about providing environment-surrounded sustainable living amid all the hustles and bustles of the busy urban life in Powai, Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for? Uncover your convenient pricing list!



566 SQ.FT.

₹2.41 Cr(+Taxes)
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784 SQ.FT.

₹3.45 Cr(+Taxes)
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3 BHK City Facing


1390 SQ.FT.

₹3.45 Cr(+Taxes)
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762 SQ.FT.

₹3.25 Cr(+Taxes)
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777 SQ.FT.

₹3.41 Cr(+Taxes)
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Discover the Modern Architectural layout of Hiranandani Empress Hill

Hiranandani Group is well-known for its quality building materials and Western architectural designs for which it was awarded in 2014 for Best Design for Community Living in NDTV Property Awards. Hiranandani Empress Hill is not an exception to this achievement as the brand is consistent in maintaining this high-end quality and providing the best living. The project indeed maintains the architectural culture of Hiranandani Garden City. So, be ready to explore more elegance in daily living with the 1,2,3 & 4 BHK luxury homes in this new property. 

Enjoy Picturesque Images of Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai

Visit Hiranandani Empress Hill to experience a beautiful symphony – a mesmerizing gallery where the appeal of Hiranandani Garden City and the charm of Hiranandani Powai collide. Explore an amazing display of lush surroundings and brilliant architecture. Open balcony, tranquil swimming poolside, equipped gymnasium, yoga track, walking track, multipurpose community hall, kids’ playing zone, indoor gaming zone, outdoor gaming zone, green lawn, smart parking lot, panoramic view from the bedrooms, are all included in this gallery. Every picture perfectly conveys the joy of a life well lived in this city haven. Have a virtual tour! 

Experience Modern Features of Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai

At Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai, savour an extravagant lifestyle surrounded by first-rate amenities. These modern amenities are a perfect reflection of the luxury and convenience in Hiranandani Garden City. Indulge in a glistening pool, rest and relax at the upscale spa, and keep active in the modern exercise facilities. Every amenity, from fine dining to beautifully manicured parks, is intended to improve your quality of life. Hiranandani Empress Hill’s opulence blends seamlessly with Hiranandani Garden City’s modern amenities to create a haven where residents may live a life of unrivalled luxury and sophistication. Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai is more than just a place to live.

Hiranandani Gardens – Location

  • JVLR - 5 mins
  • Orchids International School - 13 Min
  • Hiranandani Foundation School - 5 mins
  • Poddar International School - 5 mins
  • Upcoming Powai Metro Station - 5 mins
  • LBS Marg - 15 mins
  • Eastern Express Highway - 20 Mins
  • Jai Hind College - 6.5 KM
  • SEEPZ - 25 mins

Hiranandani Group – About

The Hiranandani Group is a symbol of modern real estate and a shining example of architectural genius. The group, led by innovative leaders, has revolutionized urban living. Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai stands out as a masterpiece within this legacy, demonstrating the marriage of style and modernity. It tucked inside lends a hint of royal magnificence. The concept of Hiranandani goes beyond conventional living by providing a well-balanced combination of commercial, residential, and recreational areas. The Hiranandani Group has created communities that exude luxury and sophistication, as evidenced by the lush landscapes and advanced infrastructure.

Hiranandani Gardens – FAQ

What makes Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai a standout residential destination?

Resident well-being is paramount at Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai. The meticulously planned infrastructure includes lush green spaces, fitness centres, and security systems, ensuring a harmonious environment. Hiranandani Empress Hill adds a touch of opulence, fostering a sense of grandeur that was missing in the previous projects of Hiranandani Groups like Hiranandani Garden City. 

Can you describe the lifestyle one can expect in Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai?

Hiranandani Empress Hill Powai promises a luxurious lifestyle where Hiranandani Garden City unfolds as a self-sufficient haven. Residents enjoy a seamless blend of work and play, with commercial hubs, recreational facilities, and the majestic Hiranandani Empress Hill as a backdrop, creating a living experience that transcends the ordinary.